‘Perfect World You’ woke up at 5am and went for a run up a sand dune. Dragging a tractor tyre. ‘Real World You’ pushed the snooze button. Again. Again. And again. That’s because you live in the Real World. And you don’t have time to be perfect.


Nutty Bruce lives in the Real World with you, where Perfect World intentions are great, but not always so easy to achieve. Nutty Bruce helps ‘Real World You’ fit health and wellness into your busy life by creating nutritious, delicious and convenient range of plant-based milks - everything from almond, to cashew, to coconut.So, ask yourself - did you cycle 60km, did your brain run a Sudoku marathon and did you floss for 20 minutes today? Probably not. Did you get your daily Nutty Bruce fix? Yes. Then relax, ‘Real World You’. Because today you’re winning!


There is the Perfect World You – smiling your way through your 4th HIIT session of the day, foraging the forest floor for rare native foods, chewing everything 10 times, crafting your own shoes from reclaimed yoga mats.  Hugging things, saving things, chanting things…And all before 8am!

And then there is the Real World You, and the only thing you’re HIITing is the snooze button.That’s because you live in the Real World where those Perfect World intentions are a little hard to achieve. Ok let’s be real – they’re impossible!

 Bruce is here to take Real World You by the hand and put a tasty plant milk in it (or a ball or a bar). Always made with the highest quality natural ingredients and an oath to never be an environmental jerkface, the Bruce range of super plant-powered milks, spreads and little energy kicks, helps you fit health and wellness into your busy life. Even your not-so busy life.

So don’t stress too hard that you didn’t get to Om for two hours today or start that volcanic clay cleanse – let Bruce help you choose Real over Perfect and let that be the one good thing you did for you today. 

hang with Bruce

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