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Nutty Bruce Roasted Peanut & Chocolate Nut Butter Bars

Vegans and non-vegans rarely see eye to eye. The one thing that that really brings them together is this Nutty Bruce Roasted Peanut and Chocolate Nut Butter Bar. We’re talking some seriously ridiculously delicious snack bars filled with peanut pieces, good source of fibre and protein, a 4.5 Health Star Rating and something vegans and non-vegans can enjoy together.

  • Solid protein creds
  • Loved by Vegans and Non Vegans
  • Good source of fibre

Perfect World You serving suggestion: Post gym workout with your personal trainer.
Real World You serving suggestion: Just because it’s (insert any old day here).

Dates, (Dates, Rice Flour), Peanut Butter (29%), Roasted Peanuts (7%), Cocoa Powder (1%), Sunflower Seed Protein, Sea Salt, Rosemary Extract.

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