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Nutty Bruce Barista Oat Milk

There are many great life skills to have: how to program a TV, how to survive an alien attack and…how to make a seriously impressive coffee. Barista Bruce can sort you out with those skills! Barista is made for the pro-level Barista and the future pro-level Barista. Clean and simple with only a few organic ingredients, full of naturally creamy oats and creates a crowd-pleasing foam.

  • Certified Organic
  • For Vegans. For Non Vegans. For everyone.
  • No Gums or Thickeners
  • No preservatives or colors
  • No Dipotassium Phosphate & Rapeseed oil (blurg no!)

Perfect World You serving suggestion:When you want to add Barista to your already impressive LinkedIn Profile.
Real World You serving suggestion: When you want to wow your mates with your fancy coffee-making skillz.

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