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Nutty Bruce Coconut Milk

How good would it be to be sitting on a tropical island right now? Just you on a banana lounge in the sand, dolphins waving a flipper at you from the crystal blue waters? We cant make that happen for you today sorry, but we can suggest our Nutty Bruce Coconut Milk which gives you that lush taste of the tropics and is made from just 4 simple ingredients (and no – sunscreen isn’t one of them!). Filtered water, organic coconuts, organic brown rice and sea salt.

  • Certified Organic
  • For Vegans. For Non Vegans. For everyone.
  • No Gums or Thickeners
  • No preservatives or colors
  • No added oils

Perfect World You serving suggestion: Blue Alge super food latte served in a hollowed out coconut you found on the beach.
Real World You serving suggestion: Drink while scrolling though photos of your last holiday.


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